Şanlıurfa, the city of prophets in Mesopotamia or the city of the Prophet Abraham.



Göbeklitepe is located on the edge of the Fertile Crescent, 12 km northeast of Şanlıurfa in the Tek Mountains.

While Göbeklitepe preserves its mystery as one of the most important discoveries in the history of archaeology, Our impressions of the emergence of human settlement and civilisation are perpetually changing. There is no doubt that all kinds of data and scientific conclusions to be made concerning prehistoric life are of great importance for the history of humanity.

An ancient city which hosted religions from primitive to polytheist and monotheistic and civilisations connected to these religions for thousands of years… In the lands where wheat was first domesticated, where the first university was founded, many states and principalities established over it, on the the silk road, 22 km southwest of Göbeklitepe, in Turkey’s southeastern Anatolia region, in the lands of Mesopotamia where the history of humanity began, one of the oldest settlements in the world, Şanlıurfa…

A city of tolerance with its known history from the present to 12.000 years before where religions, languages, races, cultures and civilisations meet. With its lively commerce, cosmopolitan society, colorful art and artisans, conveying important values to share with humanity today as it has in the past.